The focal point of the Chennai Snake Park Trust’s activities is the Chennai Snake Park established in 1972. It is located at Guindy.

Chennai Snake Park, Rajbhavan Post, Chennai 600 022.
+91-44-2235 3623

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Specific objectives:

  • capacity building of the skill required for management of reptiles / snakes.
  • transfer of necessary emergency life saving and rescue skills among technical uniformed services.

  • Target group : (Minimum of 25 homogenous trainees not exceeding 50)

    Uniformed Services - Forest Department/Fire Services/STF Police


    One day

    Pre test

    Area of interest

    Activities Planned

  • Snake Rescue,Indian snakes,Snake bite,First aid and management, snake myths, basics of snake restrain techniques,Man-snake conflict mitigation measures.
  • Concept presentation,
  • Interpretive demonstrations,
  • Skill display and demonstration, Discussion, Eliciting response, collaborative peer learning. Learning tour,
  • Audio Visual presentation, Hand outs, interpretive skill reference guides, case study sheets, response schedules.
  • Course evaluation

    Close ended MCQ.


  • The learners shall learn and understand the specific skills required for managing snakes.
  • The learners shall internalize the snake management skills transferred.
  • The learners equip themselves with life saving skills and to avoid man-snake conflicts
  • Collaborative and sponsored

    -In Chennai Snake Park campus: Institutional Honorarium @ Rs. 7500/ day

    Outside Campus:

    Travel & DA to be taken care for Trainers by the host in addition to the institutional honourarium.