The focal point of the Chennai Snake Park Trust’s activities is the Chennai Snake Park established in 1972. It is located at Guindy.

Chennai Snake Park, Rajbhavan Post, Chennai 600 022.
+91-44-2235 3623

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Specific objectives:

  • To instill a sense of wonder about the world of reptiles and amphibians.
  • To raise awareness and to inform the importance of conserving herpetofauna.
  • To initiate learners in to conservation and pro-natural life of herpetofauna.

  • Target group :

    School children and / or - College Students


  • 1.Three hours
  • 2.Four hours
  • 3.Six hours (Full day)
  • Pre test

    The world of reptiles, diversity of reptiles in India, Habit and Habitat of reptiles role of reptiles in an Ecosystem, Conservation of Herpetofauna, role of individuals in day to day life, conservation.

    Guided interpretive tour in

  • Snake Park,
  • Children’s park,
  • Guindy National Park,

  • Course evaluation

    open & close ended MCQ.

    Activities Planned

    Quiz, Eco games, creative expression. Audio Visual presentation, Flash cards, Interpretative response schedules.


  • The learners will aquire basic knowledge on herpetofauna.
  • The learners realize the importance of conservation of herpetofauna.
  • The learners understand the conservation initiatives and learn the role of individuals.
  • Type of participants & Registration Fee*

    Sponsored /Groups

    Fee per head @

  • 1.Rs.50/- : Snake park (3 hrs. programme)
  • 2.Rs.70/- : Snake park + Children’s park (4 hrs. programme)
  • 3.Rs.100/-: Snake park + Children’s park + Guindy National park (6 hrs. programme)

  • Medium of programme is English and / or Tamil *Covers Registration, materials, entrance fee, Coffee + Snacks ( Lunch not included)