The focal point of the Chennai Snake Park Trust’s activities is the Chennai Snake Park established in 1972. It is located at Guindy.

Chennai Snake Park, Rajbhavan Post, Chennai 600 022.
+91-44-2235 3623

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Specific objectives:

  • To academically orient the faculty members about herpetofauna in India.
  • To inform and to equip teaching fraternity at the university level on advancement of herpetology identification & survey.
  • To capacity build on the research opportunities available in herpetology.

  • Target group : (Minimum of 20 faculty members not exceeding 40)

    College Teachers: Faculties of Zoology, Botany and Wildlife biology


    One day per module.


    Activities planned

    Academic Modules on

  • Regional Fauna and identification
  • Evolution and diversification of Indian herpetofauna
  • Basics of Herpetofaunal Surveys and Inventories.(Detailed module enclosed)
  • Opportunities and areas of research in CSPT.
  • Post test

  • Lecture, discussions, demonstration,
  • Audio visual presentation, response sheets, Concept cards

  • Course evaluation

    open & close ended MCQ.


  • The learners understand the concepts of herpetofauna
  • The learners equip themselves with identification, survey and inventory of herpetofauna

  • Type of participants & Registration Fee*

    Sponsored, Collaborative, & Individual registration.
    Rs.350 per module per participant