The Trust

The Chennai Snake Park Trust is a not-for-profit NGO constituted in 1972, by a group of like-minded naturalists including herpetologist Romulus Whitaker, his mother Doris Norden Chattopadhyaya, M. Krishnan and Harry Miller, Dr. M.V. Rajendran, and A.N. Jagannatha Rao, S. Meenakshisundaram.

Subsequently, B. Vijayaraghavan an I.A.S officer and a naturalist, Drs. V. Krishnamurthy and A.V. Gopalakrishnan, veterinarians and Dr. R.J. Ranjith Daniels, a leading wildlife biologist contributed a lot to its honing.

Currently, the Trust is managed by a group of twelve Trustees. Seven of the trustees are elected and five are ex officio.

Names of Trustees

Elected Ex officio
1. Shri S. Subbarayalu, I.F.S (Retd.) Trustee (from 22.06.1996) and Chairman (from 04.04.2018) 9. Wildlife Warden, Chennai, Govt. of Tamil Nadu
2. Dr. S. Paulraj, I.F.S (Retd.) Trustee (from 26.09.2009) and Executive Secretary (from 04.04.2018) 10. Jt. Director, Tourism Dept, Govt. of Tamil Nadu
3. Shri. V. Prabhakaran,, I.F.S (Retd.) Executive Trustee (from 27.02.2017) 11. Officer-in-Charge Zoological Survey of India Southern Regional Station, Chennai
4. Dr.M.G. Jayathangaraj (from 24.03.2012) 12. Regional Deputy Director, Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (SR), Govt. Of India, Chennai
5. Dr.V. Kalaiarasan (from 27.02.2017) 13. Head, Dept. of Zoology, Madras University
6. Dr.K.Senthilkumar (from 27.06.2015)
7. Dr. T. Sundaramoorthy (from 12.08.1995)
8. Dr. M.Arumugam (from 04.04.2018)

The board of Trustee is assisted by a Director, a Dy. Director-cum-Research Scientist and Educational Officer. Under them are the animal keepers, office staff and others.