The Chennai Snake Park

The focal point of the Chennai Snake Park Trust’s activities is the ChennaiSnakePark established in 1972. It is located at Guindy, Chennai, on the Sardar Patel Road.

The SnakePark occupies an area of one acre of land given on long-term lease by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu on a rental.First, in 1972, the lease was granted for a 5 year-period and then on it is being granted for spells of 25 year-period.

Ticket Counter
The ticket counter

As of now, the Snake Park has on display, 20 species of Indian snakes, all three species of Indian crocodilians, two species of exotic crocodiles, three species of Indian turtles/tortoises, four species of Indian lizardsand two species of exotic reptiles (green iguana, slider turtle) making a total of 34 species.

The snakes are all housed in glass-fronted reptile-friendly and visitor-friendly cages.

Snake Cage 1 Snake Cage 2 Snake

The crocodiles and the larger lizards are in open-air enclosures protected by parapet walls and wire-mesh.

Crocodiles Gharial Crocodile

Life-size models of king cobra and its nest, combat dance in rat snakes and in monitor lizards, four species of true cobras of India, python swallowing deer, python hatching eggs, chameleon sticking out its 1 ft. long tongue to catch insect, flying snake, flying lizard and green pitviper are important attractions here. A good collection of preserved specimens are also present. Together these items make up our museum.

Dioramas Dioramas 2

All the enclosures have extensive signages giving essential information in reader-friendly formats in English and Tamil.

Signage Signage with a message

There is an Interpretation Centre constructed in 2010 with a lavish display of essential information in English and Tamil on snakes, in eye-capturing formats in static and moving modes electronically aided.

The Interpretation Centre Outside The Interpretation Centre Inside

The Centre also has a small auditorium for conducting classes for visiting students with the aid of a ceiling-mounted projector, wall-mounted screen and a touch-screen kiosk with facilities also for projection from the kiosk to the wall-mounted screen.

Awareness Programmes Awareness Programmes 2

The library in the Park has a good stock of books and journals on reptiles and related subjects.


All necessary public amenities have been provided in the Park – rest areas, drinking water fountain and toilets including one specially designed for the orthopaedicallychallenged and very old visitors.